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Virtual bookkeeping and accounting services for busy, booked out health practitioners.

You Wouldn't Let Your Patients Facilitate Their Own Treatments. So Why Do You Treat Your Financials The same way?

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You’d be surprised how many business owners seem as though they have it all together on the outside...

...But are guessing when it comes to their finance management (cough, cough, revenue doesn’t mean profit). 
Fortunately, there’s a way to take back control of your finances in a way you can actually understand. 
Here at Tranquility Bookkeeping we get a rush from taking a chaotic pile of receipts and turning them into a clear cut financial statement. Bookkeeping is a passion. 
Still, we know it may not be something you’re looking forward to diving into. 

Here's the thing, you're not alone

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You don’t settle when it comes to the care you give your patients, the way you run your practice, or the level of staff you hire, and you’re not willing to settle when it comes to your finances. 
You understand that it takes more than throwing numbers into a piece of software to get a clear understanding of where your business is and where it's going. The rest, however, is a bit of a blur…

you Don't Expect Your Patients to Settle So Why Would You?

Still, We Know It May Not Be Something You’re Looking Forward To Diving Into. 

get to know our services

Which means you never have to weed through a maze of forms, requirements, deadlines, and constantly changing tax laws again. On top of that, we’ll keep you in the loop on all possible financial opportunities available to your circumstances.

Because we’re more than a firm, we’re an extended part of your team. 

Speaking of teams...

We come “hassle-free,” and without the need for micromanagement. We understand how much you already have on your plate, which is why our main focus is to bring ease and peace to your financial situation. 

Your Finances Shouldn't Be Another Thing That Gives You Headache


You'll be surprised to know just how many business owners aren't sure about their financial foundation. Are you one of them? Take the quiz to find out!

How Steady is Your Financial Foundation?

i'll tell you more about it

Hi! I’m Cheree and like you, thanks to 17 years of being committed to providing excellent care and service to patients, I understand what it’s like to put the needs of others first and let your personal and business needs come in last (just ask my two boys). Which is why my biggest passion is allowing my clients to focus on the aspects of their business they truly love, while I handle the area of their business that I truly love (those messy receipts, budgeting and forecasting). 

Because here’s the thing, it’s pretty much my super power. I’m just built in a way that makes these areas easy and fun for me. In fact, it’s a major part of my story.

Meet the Founder 

Cheree Hill

- J. L.

“She’s competent, prompt, and friendly. I highly recommend Cheree Hill as your bookkeeper. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and proactive.”


my clients can speak for me

I offer a 4-step signature system that will help you achieve just that. (the four pillars of healthy business finances)

my 4-step Signature System

Sound like a lot? It is. Which is exactly why you were never meant to handle all of this on your own, and we’re here to make sure you never have to again.

An Expert On Your Side

All of the softwares and downloads in the world can’t deliver a human approach to how you do business. Allow our experienced finance professionals to turn your goals, current situation and scalability into a clear action plan. 

Receipt Management

Your business has grown beyond the days of “the receipt shoebox” or the trash bag (yes, we’ve even seen trash bags). Let’s upgrade your level of receipt keeping and management to make tax time a breeze.

Account Management

Take a 360 view of your financial situation. Rent? Unpaid assets? Equipment? It all deserves a place in the picture to understand what needs to happen next.

Practice Management

In order to keep track of all the moving pieces xyz. No more jumping from program to program to track down the details you need to expand your practice. 

Practice Management

My 4-Step Signature System

We don’t keep you in the dark! Our job is to help you understand the financial aspect of your business so you can make decisions that are right for you.



We work as a team to make sure your business financial needs are being met. If you need us to speak with your accountant or other important members of the team we are more than happy to take whatever you need off of your plate! We meet periodically to discuss your needs so that we can modify the engagement if necessary to ensure our partnership is effective.



Have you ever wondered if you were doing your books right or if you were missing something in your process? You can finally stop playing financial Russian Roulette. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your books are compliant, clear, and concise. 
We provide you with accurate financial reports to give you great insights so you can make well-informed decisions to run your business better.



You like things to run smoothly, Still, it doesn’t mean the occasional “financial meltdown moment” doesn’t occur where you and your team spend late night hours pouring over books or searching for missing receipts and invoices. We’ll create an organized and replicable financial system that allows you to know exactly where your finances stand and keeps everything you need within arms reach. 



Your patients, your marketing, your staff...there’s already so much demanding your attention, it’s easy to miss the small spaces where your finances fall between the cracks. We can alert you when we’re seeing potential waste, extravagant spending, or just when things look a little out of the norm to us. We can also help you reduce risk, and identify opportunities in your business that you can monetize (yes, hiring us can actually mean more money in the bank). With those big bookkeeping chores and deadlines handled, you can focus on your business or whatever else you’d rather be doing. Golf, anyone?



No one can do what you do quite like you, which is why there’s so much value in entrusting the things that aren’t your zone of genius to a qualified expert (like us). 
Here’s what that looks like:

Because you deserve to build a business without the panic 

Manage your finances with ease

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What may seem like going above and beyond for some bookkeeping services is only natural for us. Because we know that every little detail matters when it comes to providing you with financial peace of mind and getting you back to what you do best (whatever that looks like).