Whether you’re completely in the dark about your business finances or you’re just ready to hand over the reigns and get back to brunch, we got you covered!

Outsourced Accounting Firm

Hasn’t touched your financial records in ages - We’ll take the fear out of seeing where you currently stand. 

Still uses spreadsheets and notebook paper? - We’ll set you up with the proper systems to bring you back to the 21st century

Is a card carrying member of the shoebox club? - We’ll get you organized

Think about your business over the past 6 months, do any of these sound familiar?

Are you someone who:

From the “Honeymoon years” of business ownership to business owners who have seen and done it all, we meet our clients exactly where they are, and get them caught up and current.

we take pride in meeting your specific money needs

tax accounting help

No more shoe boxes and trashbags! We will work with you to determine (and implement) the perfect receipt management solution for your business. Don’t worry, it will be one that seamlessly integrates into your business and lifestyle. 

Receipt Management

We never transfer financial data via email. Every client is set up with a secure portal where any sensitive data will be shared.

Secure Client Portal

Have a question about a report? Wanna run a business idea by us? Anytime you have a question or concern, shoot us an email or schedule a time to meet and we’ll immediately respond to you within our business hours. We are here to serve you!

Unlimited Support

We’ll take those properly placed numbers and package them up into reports you can actually understand.

Easy to understand reports

Like I said before, this is a team effort! We will work closely together to reach your financial goals and discover where you’re currently leaving money on the table.

Dedicated Bookkeeper

We will take all the numbers and put them in their proper places and make sure you get them in a timely fashion, without you having to micromanage or continuously follow up.

Monthly Bookkeeping

If you haven’t started working with software, we can get you up and running in no time! I have my personal favorite but if you’re currently working with a different software, we will work with you to transfer over all of your data.

Accounting Software Subscription

Our curated offerings include:

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If you’re constantly falling short on cash flow because your income ebbs and flows or you can’t help but to buy the newest gadget on the market (don’t worry, I do it too) then you need this! We’ll work together to see where you are and come up with the right tool for you and your business.

Budgeting / Forecasting

If you’re struggling to keep track of who owes you money, I’m here to help! We’ll take over the headache of monitoring your invoicing and notify you of any outstanding bills

Invoice Management

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We’re not your ordinary tax preparer! We take the stress out of the tax process and submit the kind of filings that even impress the IRS. 

Tax preparation / Planning

From start to finish we will get you employees (or contractors) onboarded and paid on time! We will work with you to select the best third party solution for your business.  

Payroll / Contractor Management

Looking for a little more?  

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Need help deciding which which service best fits your needs? Book a clarity call, and we'll go over the best plan of action.


Every month we'll present a report to help you visualize where all of your money is going. You'll have unlimited support with our services.



I'll provide everything I need to execute the vision we planned for. I'll handle the support we discussed in your package, and continue to plan for taxes if you chose it.



After you schedule your discovery call, it's time to revenue strategy. We'll go over your current goals, and I'll review our plan of action for your business.


It takes work to manage your business finances. It doesn't happen without the proper steps needed to make it happen. Take a look through my process and schedule a discovery call to get started! We've got you covered.

financial clarity is on the way

Here's the Process

- J. L.

“She’s competent, prompt, and friendly. I highly recommend Cheree Hill as your bookkeeper. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and proactive.”


my clients can speak for me

Yes, tax prep is a necessary evil. However, giving your money to Uncle Sam doesn’t have to be. That’s where we come in. We won’t just prepare the return and send you on your way. We’ll work with you from Jan - Dec to implement various strategies to either delay, eliminate or reduce your tax bill as much as possible.

We’re more than just tax preparers!  


Our strategies span anywhere from using the best filing status, maximizing retirement contributions, and beyond. Whatever applies to your situation, we’ll use it to get you to keep as much cash in your pocket as possible.  

How Exactly?

We will look for strategies to be used now when preparing your return. Once your return is completed, we will discuss other strategies you can use throughout the year to continue to reduce your bill.  

For Year round support we use Tax Planner Pro. It’s a great tool for small business owners to receive real time tax projections and saving strategies.

Haven’t filed in a while? Haven’t filed ever? We have seen it all and there is no shame in whatever mess you’ve got on your hands. We love the mess, bring it our way and watch us work our magic.

Our **No Shame** Policy:

hi, i'm cheree

What are these strategies you speak of? Well first, they're legal ones (nothing shady here). 

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What may seem like going above and beyond for some bookkeeping services is only natural for us. Because we know that every little detail matters when it comes to providing you with financial peace of mind and getting you back to what you do best (whatever that looks like). 

Let's get to work