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Before becoming the Marie Kondo of finance, and even before my nursing career, I worked in a special section of military intelligence (think James Bond, but black and a woman). It was up to me and those I worked with to decode various pieces of information and put them together into one larger piece that communicated the information we needed to take the next necessary steps. This is exactly how I approach my career today.

That box (or garbage bag) of receipts? That spreadsheet you never look at? That piece of software you invested in but haven’t quite figured out how to work? They all tell a bigger story of what’s happening in your business. It’s up to me to “decode it” so you can make the important decisions on what comes next. 

Meet the Founder 

Cheree Hill

You wouldn’t be the first business owner to express to me some fear over what they’ll find hidden in their finances. However, I want you to keep something in mind, even if we didn’t decode those messages when I was in the military it didn’t actually change the situation. The message was still the message, regardless of if we understood it or not. 

You're Not the First, and You're Not Alone

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Decoding it was what allowed us to be aware of any threats and prepare accordingly. It even had the ability to show us when certain areas were playing to our advantage. THIS is what I want for you and your business. 

But no one is expecting you to do this on your own. My goal is to help you take various items off your plate so that you can add back what you love.  

Because not only am I your decoder, I’m your tactical team. I can show you where that extra revenue is hiding in your business and advise you on the most ideal move to make next. 

My Military Experience Made Me an Expert Decoder

Dave K.

We require a good bit of complex bookkeeping, and Tranquility reliably does what we need done with our accounts payable and accounts receivable.


my clients can speak for me

And while this all sounds very actiony and cool, I also pride myself on being a genuine, real and cool person. I want to know about how your kids' swim meet went, that new puppy you adopted, that assistant you can’t decide whether to hire or fire, because I believe finances don’t have to be sterile and people should be treated like people. 

Let's Get a Bit More Personal

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‘math is not your thing’
‘you’re not the business person’ 
Or my personal favorite... ‘business is not your forte’

Then let’s talk about how to give you peace of mind where you need it the most, so you can return to what you do best... care for your patients and being the expert you truly are.

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